Passion for coaching, improving skills and confidence
for Adults and Children of all ages and abilities.

Our Tennis Coaching Programs

Junior Tennis Coaching

Junior Tennis Coaching

Familiarise kids with the basic structures and ideas in Tennis, making the learning process a fun experience.

Adult Tennis Coaching

Adult Tennis Coaching

We aim to make every training session enjoyable, challenging and informative empowering the individual to take their game to the next level.

School Holiday Tennis Camps

School Holiday Tennis Camps

School Holiday Tennis Camps are designed for enjoyment, as we acknowledge the children who attend are on holidays and keen to have some FUN!

All Ability Coaching

Private Tennis Coaching

If you are serious about learning the finer points of the game, one-on-one private tennis coaching is a more effective and dynamic way to improve your skills.

Private Tennis Coaching

Technical Analysis

Players see a different perspective of their strokes and movement. A large percentage of communication is visual, making this program a powerful tool for skills improvement.

Break Point Life

Hear from Break Point Tennis’ No. 1 ranked player, long-term student, and trainee coach, Ruby Broadbent, discussing her tennis life with Break Point.

I have been a tennis fan and player for many years and have played tennis in different countries including Australia, the UK, and Rwanda. As a dad, I’ve been very keen for my son to learn tennis which has seen him playing and being coached in Rwanda, Spain, and Australia. In all of my travels, I have never met a group of coaches like those at Break Point Tennis. Their expertise and accessibility is outstanding. I have been impressed over and over again at the way they structure tennis lessons, explain different techniques, and teach court craft and strategy. Perhaps more than anything, though, is their manner with the young people they coach. I have sat through many hours of coaching and observed their unfailing good humour and camaraderie with their students. They also have high standards and expectations which the students enjoy striving for. I have been delighted with the improvements in my son’s tennis but even more than that, I’ve been grateful for the opportunity he’s had to spend time in the company of these coaches and benefit from their attitude and approach. Signing up to Break Point Tennis was a fantastic move for us.


This is the second year that Kate has attended All Ability Tennis and loves the interaction with the coaches Matt and Digby and all the other participants. Kate’s tennis has improved amazingly and if it wasn’t for All Ability Tennis she would never have been given this opportunity.
It is fantastic for people of all abilities.
Thanks Andrijano, Matt and Digby for all your effort and support, it is greatly appreciated.

Peter and Paula 
Peter and Paula

Our two boys have been members of Break Point Tennis for about 6-years. We started with the before school junior tennis and fitness sessions and have progressed with one-on-one private coaching lessons, pennants training and being part of the summer pennants program. The boys absolutely love it!
Matt, the boys’ individual coach, has been amazing! Not only professional but very friendly and encouraging of the boys’ tennis. To see how they have progressed has been fantastic. The pennants training sessions gives them great skills and fitness for the pennants season. Our youngest son’s team is now in the summer pennants grand final!
Andrijano is a fabulous communicator. No question is too hard to answer. Extremely professional. We would highly recommend Break Point Tennis!


Matt and Digby provide a huge benefit for our son. They have the compassion, joy and patience, as well as professionalism as coaches.
These attributes provide a social opportunity for my son and others with various intellectual disabilities, but importantly actually improve their skills.
Those attributes of compassion and professionalism boosts the kids’ confidence not just in their abilities but often – as is the case with our son who has struggled with frustration about his lack of ability to achieve key milestones in his life and is all too aware of his own limitations compared to his brothers and peers – his achievements in making visible improvement in skills gives him the much needed self belief in life in general. On this way, it actually helps his mental health. The future benefits of this are incalculable.


My two now teenagers have been with All Abilities Break Point Tennis for Years.
Charlotte & Ben Love It! Matt and Digby are amazing. Everyone is active, engaged and having a go! It is very hard as a parent to find coaches and groups of sport for teenagers with disabilities to keep them active. All Abilities make tennis fun, are all-inclusive and understanding of the whole family. They are amazing!


Break Point Development Guide

School Holiday Tennis Camps in Perth

School Holiday Tennis Camps are designed for enjoyment, as we acknowledge the children
who attend are on holidays and keen to have some FUN!

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Break Point Tennis Competitions


Junior and Senior players interested in competition and testing their game against other players are welcome to enter tournaments run by local clubs and Tennis West.

Tennis League and Pennants

Tennis League is a competition for players interested in team environment on weekends. This is the most popular form of competition in Western Australia for juniors and seniors.


We use and endorse Head strings and equipment.

Re-gripping, clothing, footwear and all other tennis accessories also available.